Pasqualina 'Lina" Bastone, a native of Calabria Italy has been cooking for friends and family for decades.   As a small child, Lina grew up at her mother and grandmother's hip, cooking delicious, authentic, Calabrian Italian food for her immediate and extended family. 

She watched as her mother and father would affectionately 'fight' about who was the better cook, when all along, she knew she was the best of them all!  Her passion for cooking never left her as she made it across the pond and continued to share her passion and love for Italian food and the recipes passed down to her through the generations.  It is no surprise we find her once again in the kitchen, but this time, she's sharing her kitchen!

So, Sit back, tuck in your napkin and pull up a chair at Lina's of Italy Pizzeria & Trattoria. 

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