Jacques Kavafian created Fresh Burger™ in 2013 after a 30-year career on Bay Street.

During his days in the financial industry, Jacques travelled the world and discovered that the best food, anywhere in the world, could be found in restaurants that had a limited menu. The hamburger, being one of his favourite foods, the inability to find a good classic hamburger was particularly frustrating to him.
Despite his hometown of Toronto being a hub for hamburgers, he could not find a restaurant that served a good old-fashioned fresh hamburger. He felt restaurants were trying too hard to be different and innovative, turning a simple concept into something complex. 
After he decided to retire from the grind (pun intended) of daily finance, Jacques was determined to create a small hamburger restaurant near his home in Richmond Hill, Ontario that would serve a classic burger – a burger that Tastes Good like a Hamburger Should! ®

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