In June 1889, the new sovereigns of Italy were in Naples for the Reclamation of the City.  Queen Margherita of Savoy expressed her desire to try the favorite dish of the people.  So, the Head of Dining Services at the Royal Palace, Camillo Galli, called for the most famous pizza chef of the period, Raffaele Esposito, husband of Maria Giovanna Brandi.  Esposito went to Capodimonte and prepared three different types of pizza.  The Queen especially liked the one he had prepared with tomato, mozzarella and basil, a pizza which also brought to mind the colours of the Savoy flag and in which, in her honour, was christened the "Margherita".

In 1889, Queen Margherita penned her historic letter paying homage to Pizzeria Brandi as the originator of the Margherita Pizza, and thus, history was born.  

Several centuries later, our work has just begun as this historic brand makes its way across the pond to the United States.

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